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Cute: Zoo keepers said Rizki, the baby Borneo orangutan, resembles a human baby


I stared at this for a minute and thought, 'Poor chunky monkey. She's so furry and sad. Aww look at her furry belly button. Its a furry monkey penis!

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I used to watch "Orangutan Island" when I was really young and I've been obsessed ever since. Baby orangutans are so precious!

Undated handout photo issued by Paignton Zoo of a female baby orangutan born at the Zoo last month with her mother. Issue date: Thursday May (Photo by Ray Wiltshire/Paignton Zoo/PA Wire)

Pour Le Plaisir Des Yeux

Pour Le Plaisir Des Yeux

Cute Baby Orangutan

Orangutan-only approx 30 000 left in the wild because of habitat destruction for palm oil!

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You'll go ape for it

The sad thing is I can see Disney doing this. <--- I wouldn't call that sad. I think this show could be the salvation of Disney channel.

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