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Titan of industry (by odin’s_raven) Huge steam engine in abandoned waterworks - New SteamPunkish looking./// Like the Col Ward Pumping Station, Buffalo, NY

ART NOWA: Charles Sheeler

ART NOWA: Charles Sheeler

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Charles Sheeler (July River Rouge Plant, 1927 Sheeler is recognized as one of the founders of American modernism and one of the master photographers of the century…

Пленник Красоты - Чарльз Шилер: фотография и живопись

Sheeler: untitled, 1927 (photograph) In the U., we might attribute this interest to photography as well as to cubism, the more so since Sheeler was also a photographer and treated similar subjects in both paintings and photographs.

Sheeler, Charles | City Interior

CHARLES SHEELER American, City Interior, 1936 Aqueous adhesive and oil on composition board Museum purchase in memory of Jonathan and Elizabeth M.