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Uma boa estória as vezes só precisa de um bom contador de estórias com uma grande emoção para compartilhar

The 9 lifes of cat . Browse new photos about The 9 lifes of cat . Most Awesome Funny Photos Everyday!

Oh my gosh this made my day LOL!!!!!!

With friends like these…

I left my phone charger at a friend's house. These are the photos I received over the course of the week.<<<OMG U CRUEL CRUEL HUMAN!

Be careful what you put on your head.

Be careful what you put on your head.

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fotitos de la vida

fotitos de la vida

Dad Joke Survivors http://ibeebz.com

Funny pictures about Dad Joke Survivors. Oh, and cool pics about Dad Joke Survivors. Also, Dad Joke Survivors photos.

Disney Moana meme, snickers meme

Disney Moana meme, snickers meme> Hell, I'd buy a Snickers if that was the ad.

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thatsnicebutimmarried: “ pantsless-serket: “ this is one of the best visual representations of classical music i’ve ever seen ” FANTASIA 2015 ” Fucking fantastic!

Outta here!

I don't understand why is everyone so mad at spiders. They're such lovely creatures. I WANNA that winged spider!

My Evil Plan

My Evil Plan

My Evil Plan<<<<The evilest thing I've ever seen in my 20 yrs of life.

What really happens when you level up using rare candies.

Real Life Rare Candy