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How do you make people care about oceans? Hit them right in the nerd.

To Save the Oceans, These Guys Are Turning to Sci-Fi


The Art Of Animation, Kazumasa Uchio. Fabulous fantasy landscape art on imgfave


quinima: “ steampunktendencies: “ The Art of Joe Studzinski ” I really love concept art because of how much detail goes into it.

Incredible paintings of sci-fi suburbia will make you wish you were Swedish | The Verge by Simon Stålenhag

Incredible paintings of sci-fi suburbia will make you wish you were Swedish

Simon Stålenhag Art Gallery - wonderful pictures of Swedish countryside and science fiction themes. In this case DINOSAURS!

Erreth is an oblique reference to the Earthsea Cycle by Ursula LeGuin. Although this isn't a location from the books, I like to think it has something in common tonally with the world she created. Read everything you can get your hands on by LeGuin. The quality of her fiction cannot be overstated.

Concept Art by Thom Tenery. “ Thom Tenery is a concept artist and illustrator from Los Angeles, California currently working in the entertainment industry. Thom attended the University of Texas at.


Thermo-nuclear station by Razer / Maxim Revin. (via Thermo-nuclear station by razer - maxim revin - CGHUB)

Syd Mead envisions the future of Doha.

Syd Mead envisions the future of Doha

Time for more retro futuristic cities. Let's begin with the most popular prediction about future cities, painted by Frank R. Here we can see a wild ci.

Стефан Мартиньер (Stephan Martiniere)

Science fiction illustrator Stephan Martiniere imagines a future where nature and technology live in harmony


Illustration by Martin Bergstrom for RPG Symbaroum, written by Mattias Johnsson and Mattias Lilja