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"Revista de Artes - Revista digital bimestral de arte y cultura - Edición Nº 25 - Marzo / Abril 2011"

biocanvas: “ A crystallized mixture of chlorobenzyl alcohol (a solvent for inks and paints), resorcinal (a medical disinfectant), and sulfur. Image by John Hart, University of Colorado.

Very nice experimental photography.

Jane Thomas lives in Largs, Scotland, where she photographs colors and patterns arising naturally from the interference of reflected light rays from the fr

Polyethylene, the most common form of plastic, that has been permanently deformed.

2002 Small World, Prize - Zdenka Jenikova Czech Technical University - Prague, Czech Republic Specimen: Deformation of a polyethylene folio Technique: Polarized Light

Colour ~ The effect produced by a wave of light of a particular wavelength…

Oil patterns stand out, especially with the use of bright colours like this one has.