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Bajo la lluvia

I'm officially D. Done with this band and their gorgeous and magnificent bodies and voices! Making girls all over the word melt. They will sing their hearts out in the rain for their fans

They prob loved making this vid. I can hear them all laughing and bickering. Omghaha

One Direction😉 this will be me when I can't get ticket to their concert

One Direction – action/1D Hey Directioner's  I thought  I'd catch u up on this have u signed up? Listen Up THIS IS OUR NEXT MISSION DIRECTIONERS!!!!

Has One Direction got the X-factor to spur action on climate change? - 09 Jul 2015 - News from BusinessGreen


Oh my god food That ice cream looks awesome, The fries look delicious, and the cupcake looks like heaven. Oh, the food looks pretty good also :) Just remember French Fries are mine hahahaXD Sydney like a puma :)

I'm proud to say that I'm in love with these 5 idiots. Even though they give me heart attacks. Or took over 4 years of my life.


20 Somethings for 1D on

And they have soo much more to look forward to :')

❤❤❤ lots has happened for these 5 beautiful boys!

.Harry, "what now little girl" Louis, "I'm trying not to punch you, also I am afraid." Niall, " high note high note high not, Ashton?!?!?" Zayn, "Da heck is wrong wid choo" Liam, " bask in my infinite glory I AM THE PAYNO I AM WORTHY OF THE PRAISE bow down to me you worthless little awe sorry im being pushy here just get down on your knees and say ,'payno payno payno'"OMG

Harry, "what now little girl" Louis, "I'm trying not to punch you, also I am afraid.

Haha poor Liam but Niall would be the me of my friends. Hahaha that's SOO me "he's so stupid." Omg I love this pic