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Patricia's Chihuahua, Lily, relaxes on a John Rosselli chair covered in Travers fabric. Behind her are French doors to a small balcony that was added to overlook gardens and a large pond.

Commonly kitty allergies can be treat with stuffs you find in any Pharmacy

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Omg...I want an entire litter!

omfg look at how cute it would be like having a husky puppy forever!


Tori's mom says: Tori is a good boy of three months' age, and just the best Chihuahua in the world. The best, the prettiest, and the smartest boy in the world

Gusje, chihuahua. Bijna zijn verjaardag - 9 jaar by Sandra van renterghem

Belgian photographer Vincent Lagrange takes expressive portraits of pets and wild animals for his Human Animal project.