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rare blue owl - Buscar con Google

💕They are very much appreciated💕 🌸 I will very much try to return the favor. All of the closets on here are amazing with amazing people behind them. So glad to be a part of this community 🌸 Happy Poshing Everyone 🌸 Other

holy mother of dopeness 27 Monday Dopeness (39 pics)

We are re-visiting this fantastic series of airbrush, oil on canvas paintings of animals by Eyan Higgins Jones. When you get a glimpse of the up-close.

Blijf je zelf!

Find the Fighter in You! For best results, find the fighter in yourself at the start of every workout. We ALL have one, we just forget sometimes to draw upon that strength and motivation.

I feel ya girl... I feel ya.

Can't believe this is real

YESS// okay I hate Frozen because I just think that it's the worst disney movie ever but I'm pinning this because when Anna punches him in the face, her fist practically goes THROUGH his face

Sometimes only two happy, slightly startled owlets will do the job... I love owls. <3

James Rhodes on

This makes me want a barn, cause its a barn owl haha

Purple Flecked Feathers ~ Dishfunctional Designs: Color Palette: Deep Purple, Blackberry, and Aubergine