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Woodworking is a job, for which one requires to work with precision and skill. Mistakes during woodworking may spoil the whole piece. In woodworking, there are some things, which should be done repeatedly. woodworking jigs are tools,

Carved Tree Chair

Our natural log tree chairs are carved from reclaimed burl wood logs. Each log tree chair is hand carved and a unique work of art.

Gallery - Carvings - Chainsaw Carving & Sculpture

Gallery - Carvings - Chainsaw Carving & Sculpture unrefined, give it the chop!

Ahsap kaşık

Someday, Ill take a branch. From the yard. And turn it into a spoon. Probably a day very far into the future. - Tom's Woodworking Shed

On the way to the finish

BALI ~ YOU MAKE ME FREAK OUT WITH EXCITEMENT ~ Furniture, Lighting, Carvings = Bliss

could be nice to have some head boards carved on large slabs of wood (even just a corner or something) - On the way to the finish hand carved wood table, Bali