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Luv the soccer life

This is so my son! Every moment he has he does something that involves some sort of soccer play

I almost cried because it's so true... And now it's all over

I know i train a lot and i miss a lot of parties and fun stuff to do all for soccer the sport i love.i can relate to this quote alot

23 Struggles Every Soccer Girl Understands

23 Struggles Every Soccer Girl Understands

You’re wayyy more comfortable in cleats than in heels. 23 Struggles Every Soccer Girl Understands

And I'm the only one screaming to everyone to open up!! It's like playing with the kindergarten kids...

or when your the only actual soccer player on a team against a team full of them. My pe teacher always does this! Why cant they actually separate all the soccer players into even teams, and have all the others be cheerleaders or somrthing?

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my coach doesn't usally take me out of the game!jk, i annoy him untill he puts me back in anyway.