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DONE~We both have done that in our wild and crazy youth. The wear and tear on the body and aftereffects are not price we want to pay. Older and wiser now.

Listening to 'Praying' as a Sexual Assault Survivor

How I Responded to Kesha's New Song 'Praying' as a Sexual Assault Survivor

Kesha is back with her latest single, "Praying" this is such an emotional song for me, I can truly relate to every word.

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( MUSIC ♪♫♪♪ 2016 ★ KE$HA " Synthpop / electropop / pop rap / rock / dance " ) ★ ♪♫♪♪ Kesha Rose Sebert - Sunday, March 01, 1987 - 5' 9" - Los Angeles, California, USA.

Kesha Photos - Singer Kesha arrives at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena May 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"Truth, freedom, rainbows."

Kesha's Selfie Caption Is, Like, Our New Mantra

kesha- costume ideas

despite what some people say, i actually think kesha is kind of pretty - when she doesnt have black crap under her eyes

* dumb look on face but y'all needed to see this hat

Fuck the World Tour

Fuck the World Tour