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Snowball Viburnum :: Easy Flower Arranging Tips :: AnExtraordinaryDa. Another lovely flower arrange.

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Martha's Flower-Arranging Secrets

This display showcases the unrestrained beauty of hydrangeas. An armful of the flowers overflows a generous glazed-iron urn-shaped vase in an effortlessly elegant way. Tendrils of clematis winding through the blooms emphasize the cottage-garden feeling

This floral arrangement is stunning!

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Tulips the perfect spring bloom.  Full length how-to floral design DVD for the professional florist.  Care tips, purchasing guidelines and design techniques.

45 fabulous minutes of how-to design instruction with beautiful tulips. A fabulous resource for the DIY floral designer!

EASY tips to help fresh, cut flowers last longer!

5 Secrets to Keep Fresh Flowers Blooming

Do it yourself wildflower arrangements

Flower recipe : 2 stems of Hawthorne flowers 3 bunches of lily of the valley 5 stems of white lilac 3 stems of solomon's seal 1 stem deutzia 1 striped vase filed with cold water- I've used& one from Coterie.

Fresh flowers, whether just cut from the garden or brought home from the florist or market, are a gift from nature that glows with good cheer. Although you can plunk them in any old vase, if you know just a few tricks -- such as the ones Martha demonstrates here -- it's easy to create much more original displays.Martha's Basic Arranging TipsStart by preparing the flowers so they'll last their longest.Cut garden flowers in the cool of early morning or after sunset. Immerse stems in cool…

Martha's Flower-Arranging Tips

Martha's Flower-Arranging Tips - Martha Stewart Home & Garden. Please come to my house Martha!

How to arrange grocery store flowers to look like they were from a florist! Plus lots of other great flower arranging tips in this blog! Nx

101 Flower Arrangement Tips, Tricks, & Ideas for Beginners

Transform ho-hum grocery store flowers into a beautiful bouquet: "A bunch of flowers at the grocery store cost the same as a box of Triscuits; Don't feel guilty for buying yourself flowers"