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Team 8, Asuma And Kurenai, Naruto

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Team Inquisition! You must gather your party before venturing forth going to…

You must gather your party before venturing forth going to update my store with these and more soon!

im sorry im so gay for this guy--

im sorry im so gay for this guy--He's too adorable and kind what did you think was gonna happen?

Resultado de imagen para butterfree artwork

"This is my Butterfree, Honeycomb. She is a Level 15 so far, and I loved seeing her evolutions. Really cute, and she's always calm.

You get a little evil when you're hungry!

Why wait! Eat the Snickers Dean! Supernatural Sam Winchester Castiel Deanmon Demon Dean Mark of Cain First Blade

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If you’re attending this year’s SXSW, you can get tattooed by Harley Quinn.... or at least her marketing team. There’s some kind of “Harley’s Tattoo Parlor” event being set up to promote the Suicide Squad movie; we don’t know if it’s offering real tattoos or temporary ones, but I do know that it’s given each of the film’s cast members their own tattoo design—and some of them are actually pretty awesome.

The Official Suicide Squad Movie Tattoos, Ranked

pin up zombie roller girl

I was hired to do a logo for an independant movie (Roller Derby Zombies) that is being filmed in Maryland. Pin-up Zombie Girl

- Material: Cotton, Polyester - Collar: O-Neck Style: Novelty

Sasuke 3D hoodie - Naruto Pullover Hoodies - Anime Clothing