Book art.

Wow, this is a fun structure. CFPR Book Arts: Exhibitions and Events: Regenerator II: Altered books project.

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Book Sculptures - Jodi Harvey-Brown - Minas Tirith from Return of the King, book in the Lord of the Rings series

paper art book | Domestic Tranquility" - Altered book

Artist Books "Domestic Tranquility" - Altered Book with paper sculpture, illustrating Bible verse Matthew

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Folded Pages Book Art It's a dead link (although the organisation is still there, just not this item in particular) but it's a nice altered book.

This Cone Book Sculpture ($67) would look great on top of a stack of coffee table books.

Etsy Finds: All Booked Up

This weeks post features the simple yet striking book sculptures created by Paperfaerie. Paperfaerie aka Yvette Hawkins is based in Newcastle, UK and creates bold paper sculptures from old books.

Sculptuur : een sculptuur is een ruimtelijk beeldhouwwerk dat vormgegeven is door materiaal te verwijderen

This is called Hypertext Book Sculpture created by Stephen Doyle . This book art was up for auction but I think it's already sol.

Folded Pages Book Sculpture Art | ... folding techniques. For more book art sculptures, visit

5 Easy Pieces – Recycled Book Art

Old catalogs and phonebooks take on a new life in this delicate sculpture. Made in France, this piece of art is comprised of careful folding techniques.

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Altered Books: "The Butterfly Effect" recycled book, Japanese paper, gel medium, resistors, transparent butterflies