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Thumbs up Batman Blank Meme Template

Batman inspires ordinary heroes in touching trailer for Legends of the Knight doc

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Spanking from Batman - Mmmmm I Love it. Bat Girl Yvonne Craig was introduced as Batgirl in the final season of the Batman TV Series, posters of her in full costume adorned the walls of countless millions of boys bedrooms around the world.

Michael Keaton as 'Batman' in 1992's film 'Batman Returns.'

Batman motorcycle yellow stripes’ black leather jacket is the perfect attire choice for you that creates an illusion of a superhero persona!

The Joker Hyper Realistic Sculpture

Hyper Realistic Sculptures Of Movie Characters

Hyper Realistic Sculptures of Movie Characters by Bobby Causey - Joker & Batman

The Batmobiles lost there wheels and the Joker got away.

Evolution of the Batmobile -- I have always loved the original 66 for the fact that it would be the easiest to fix/replace. Throw a diesel in for even simpler operation. But that would not sell tickets.

Michelle Pfeiffer as Selina Kyle / Catwoman - Batman Returns by Tim Burton - 1992