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Chongo desaliniado!!

Hipster bangs gone too far. I just can't work that hard to sell my style choices day in and day out.


What my hair looks like right now: short, blunt fringe / bangs w mid-length lob / bob;

Francisca Tiemann

i always appreciate a photograph of a tattooed woman who is NOT dressed sexually provocative. i like a hot bod as much as the next person but finding a woman with tattoos who isn& half naked is getting harder and harder.

seethrough might be my favorite color on glasses

Fat Women Hairstyles Girls

You’re able to recognise individual Northern Quarter bartenders, despite them all sporting identical beards.

22 Signs You May Have Lived In Manchester Too Long

pretty certain I don't have the lady balls to get a thigh tattoo, but I'm still allowed to drool over them, right?

thigh tattoo, forearm tattoo, black leather shorts, light blue and white stripe button-up blouse, glasses