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Apollo had a few epithets involving the wolf. He was known as Lycegenes and Lycoctonus which both mean of wolf.

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Wolvesonly is an initiative born from a love of wolves. For the longest time Michael and Bill quietly shared our wolf pictures with friends and posted to a few websites for the sheer joy of sharing …

Let Me. Be. Save the Wolves...ehh..dogs.

(11+) Dogs that Look Like Wolves

The sun still was rising Sonya was about to shift you saw her beautiful red wolf form and she groaned and transformed before you got too close and laid weak at your feet

A good pose, although he looks like he is walking and I want him to be standing at attention.

I wish I could have a wolf living with me.and I would call him Kiba, Kai for a boy or juniper or Rhyna for a girl


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♛ MightyDontKneel ♛

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There's something about black wolves that I can't explain. Such beautiful creatures.

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Grey Wolf-Alpha males do not exist. Grey wolves live with male, female and offspring.

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Jace, he is a young warrior in the war against dogs. The sword he carries is from his father who was murdered by a dog, he wants to get revenge do his father's soul can rest.