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theseaowl: “ The Aztec Cihuateteo The Cihuateteo (see-wah-te-teoh) were the spirits of the women who had died in the battle of childbirth. They are often associated with the Goddess Cihuacoatl, the.


Four Astarte figurines. Clay (around 1000 BCE) Iron Age II Israel Museum(IDAM), Jerusalem, Israel Click image to enlarge.


Statuette of Mictlantecuhtli in the British Museum.

Tlaloc/Chalchitlicue Aztec god of Rain Estatua de Tláloc a las afueras del Museo Nacional de Antropología e Historia en la Ciudad de México.

This photo displays a monolith that represents the God Tlaloc, Tlaloc was the God of the heavy showers, rays and thunders. This monolith was discovered in the Texcoco, State of Mexico and was transferred to the city of Mexico the 17 of April of 1964

Dioses mayas

Huitzilopochtli- National God of the Mexicas in Tenochtitlan, God of the Sun, of War and Human Sacrifice.