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***********  Dios conoce y entiende nuestras tristezas . Confiemos y oremos.

Bella Rubia 48K on

That's one of the worst things about this disease. Everyone thinks you are fine cause you look fine!


a life of chronic pain and people family don't believe you're really hurting in pain, ----- I do not look sick and you do not look stupid, looks can be deceiving, bound tied wrist releasing butterfly February 2015

Some days, making it to the breakfast table is achievement enough.

love it kinda looks like Mini (who hates mornings) when her hair is all grown out!

fibro fighter, fighting fibro daily :)

You would never say 'It's cancer, get over it.' so why do you say that about Lupus?


If you're happy and you know it share your meds! For the best crazy humor and hilarious pics visit www.