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Walking dead

who lives at a prison in cell block c? dar-yl dix-on! taking care of babies and killing zombies! dar-yl dix-on! if protection from walkers is something you wish! dar-yl dix-on! he acts like a man, not like a bitch.

See 'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Photos "Slabtown" Episode 504 Tyler James Williams as Noah and Emily Kinney as Beth Greene

Spotlights turn to Beth in the latest ‘Slabtown’ episode of The Walking Dead. This episode gave the viewers a new look into Beth’s growth as a character.

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The Walking Dead logic

The Most Biting Walking Dead Memes - While I love this show, these are seriously hilarious & true!] Oh and let's not forget the baby!<<Ive never watched it but too hilarious not to pin