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Fem barreges de colors sobre la taula de llum: aigua amb colorants!

DIY light table for preschool

Light Table with Tub of Salt

Place sand/salt box on light table and draw letters, shapes, numbers - plus more activities for Everyday light table play Teach Preschool

Light Table Fun, Learning, and Creativity

Light Table Fun, Learning, and Creativity

ideas for a homemade light table and cutting up colored dividers to use on a light table - these colored dividers cut into alphabet shapes with the Cuttlebug would be good with the eye spy squish bag idea

For light table.cut up colored dividers into shapes, border with masking tape to make durable.great for light exploration, color mixing and shape identification

Paint on the light table offers new inspiration to explore a common medium in a novel setting.

Que faire avec une table lumineuse ?

Water beads in cups of water-they expand  http://www.amazon.com/Packs-Water-Beads-Release-Crystal/dp/B009I4HIH2/ref=sr_1_55?ie=UTF8=1356436618=8-55=aqua+beads

Exploring the light table in preschool

Gel Beads in a Cup on the Light Table & other ideas

Exploring Light, Shadow and Reflection | Reggio Inspired Learning

Reggio Light Play - an exploration of light, shadow & reflection

A provocation of light (table, box, overhead projector OHP), shadow & reflection you can do at home.

Las mesas de luz, una herramienta educativa y aconsejable para tus hijos. Te…

Las mesas de luz, una herramienta educativa y aconsejable para tus hijos. Te enseñamos a hacerla

spiders on the light table

Spider Play on the Light Table (from Casa Maria's Creative Learning Zone)

The Ultimate Light Table Guide from And Next Comes L

100+ Light Table Activities

Over 100 light table activities for kids! Great ideas for playing on light tables, light panels, and light boxes as well as information about The Ultimate Light Table Guide.