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Oh my Alfabetos!: Alfabeto de abuelita bailando.

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Without dance, i would be mentally dead. I would have a hole in my life i would never be able to fill. I cannot live without dance. I dance to escape lies i have been told and told myself. I dance to escape worries. I dance so i can live.


Love the vest and log sleeves. Outfit Inspiration: Something a dancer or entertainer would wear while performing. Alternatively, a gypsy may wear a similar outfit.

Amelia Short. The name may be deceiving. She was a 14 year old who "wasn't built right for dance". So, she started skate boarding during the day and secretly training for dance in her free time. No one knew who she really was. And she loved it.

given them credit for it. What a fantastic pic! The photog was able to capture the tom-boy on the right, even the way the leg is shaped, and the feminine dancer on the left with grace and elegance. Fabulous shot and design!

1943 African American dancer Katherine Dunham dancing the Florida East-Coast shimmy with dancer Ohardieno during show “Shore Exursion”. New York, NY.

Faye Mckenzie Dancing The Jitterbug With A Serviceman At The Hollywood Canteen

Fay McKenzie dancing the jitterbug with a serviceman at the Hollywood Canteen 1943 /SOLID JACKSON!