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There's no such thing as humane meat. Factory farms are horrific, but there are huge abuses happening on so-called 'happy farms' too. And all are murdered in same slaughterhouses in the end.

Nothing like a burger with bacon? At least have the guts to eat it this way, since you already have no regard for life.

Artwork by one of the best vegan artists I've come across. Her work is haunting, on-point, and brings forth the uncomfortable awareness of the consequences of our food choices.

Cognitive dissonance. *sigh* I do struggle with this one...

Reality check: You either love animals (and are vegan) or you support animal cruelty (and are not vegan).

But because humans steal it because humans really want to get cancer/diabetes/osteoporosis/Alzheimer's/fibroids/killed by a tsunami/earthquake/hurricane. Bc human convenience is so much more important than someONE's LIFE. If that doesn't describe you, plz go #VEGAN TODAY HowDoIGoVegan.com

Cows produce milk for their calves, not for humans. Humans produce milk for human babies. Adult humans don't need milk.

It's meat eaters and vegetarians who believe that they're better than non human persons, that they're supposedly smarter and stronger and "at the top of the food chain;" that they have the right to impose slavery, abuse, suffering, cruelty and death unto others.

I don't choose a cruelty free vegan lifestyle because I believe that I'm better than meat-eaters. I choose it because I believe that no one is more important than anyone else. Help end speciesism.