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Brian Dettmer, "Standard American," Cut and altered book, 9 x x 9 Courtesy of the artist and Kinz + Tillou Fine Art


Le talentueux Brian offre une nouvelle histoire à des livres usés en les sculptant

Full Set of Funk, Altered Books. another Brian Dettmer Book Art.


Hand Carved Book Sculpture by Brian Dettmer, Book Sculptor

La autopsia de un libro

Webphemera: The Dettmer Book Autopsies

book surgeon brian dettmer chirurgien du livre sculptures de livres 8   Brian Dettmer le chirurgien du livre   Sculpture scalpel photo livre...

Brian Dettmer le chirurgien du livre

Brian Dettmer, a New York-based artist known as the Book Surgeon, uses tweezers, knives, scalpels and other surgical tools to dissect and carve old books into intricate and beautiful sculptures. I have a love-hate relationship with book art

book art carving sculpture brian dettmer (24)

“Organized Knowledge in Story and Picture” full set of World Book Encyclopedias from 1919 by Brian Dettmer, explores how wealth influenced the way people learned history-Saltworks.

Using knives, tweezers and surgical tools, Brian Dettmer carves one page at a time. Nothing inside the out-of-date encyclopedias, medical journals, illustration books, or dictionaries is relocated or implanted, only removed.

The Book Surgeon (15 pieces)

Books carved with surgical tools 2


Le talentueux Brian offre une nouvelle histoire à des livres usés en les sculptant

Brian Dettmer (born is an American contemporary artist. He is noted for his alteration of preexisting media—such as old books, maps, record albums, and cassette tapes—to create new, transformed works of visual fine art.

Book Art Carving Sculpture by Brian Dettmer

Unusual Book Art That Will Blow Your Brain

Brian Dettmer Book Sculptures - These Brian Dettmer Book Sculptures are absolutely mind boggling. Moving onto bigger and better things, this Chicago-born, Atlanta-based artist has.

Brian Dettmer's process    In this work I begin with an existing book and seal its edges, creating an enclosed vessel full of unearthed potential. I cut into the surface of the book and dissect through it from the front. I work with knives, tweezers and surgical tools to carve one page at a time, exposing each layer while cutting around ideas and images of interest. Nothing inside the books is relocated or implanted, only removed. Images and ideas are revealed to expose alternate…

Carved from a book! -Incredible art painstakingly crafted from old books by Brian Dettmer, aka the Book Surgeon. I was undecided on whether to post this on my book board or my art board.

Carved books by Brian Dettmer

Cut book sculptures by artist Brian Dettmer.

50 Literary Art Designs - Awesome designs and artwork all involving books by the hundreds. Very eye-popping piece.

50 Literary Art Designs

Narrative Paper Scenes - The Jodi Harvey-Brown Book Sculptures are Thrillingly Adventurous (GALLERY)

Brian Dettmer’s Book Sculptures

Brian Dettmer carefully selects and sifts through stacks of old books to uncover the perfect source and subject for his cultural archaeological explorations and sculptural possibilities.


Le talentueux Brian offre une nouvelle histoire à des livres usés en les sculptant

Brian Dettmer Standard Circle 2009 Altered set of Encyclopedias x x Image courtesy of the Artist and Packer Schopf

Another sculpture from the "Library Phantom": ...over at the Writer's Museum — it's not clear how long it had been there — was a sculpture propped atop the donations box in the Robert Louis Stevenson room. It was a street scene, with birds, people, cobblestones, all under a dangling moon hanging in the sky.

The Library Phantom Returns!

The Library Phantom Returns - mysterious book sculptures of Scotland.

Altered Books by Brian Dettmer.  When I say "altered book," this is not what I mean.  I wish I could do this type of detailed work!  Fantastic!

Altered Books by Brian Dettmer

"Fate Far Fast Fall Final, 2009 Altered Book" by Brian Dettmer