The Norse Goddess Hel

The Norse Goddess Hel presides over Helheim, Niflheim, and Nastrond


Huginn and Muninn Shirt Norse God Odin Raven Folk Art

Huginn and Muninn Shirt. Huginn and Muninn, sometimes Anglicized Hugin and Munin, are a pair of ravens associated with the Norse god Odin. Hugin and Munin travel the world bearing news and information to Odin.

Wiking Death Goddess Hel

Wiking Death Goddess Hel

The norse Goddess Hel.  - Jillian

The norse Goddess Hel, goddess of the underworld. She is one of Loki's children, and like Lilith or Hades, she was rejected from paradise.


Hela Norse goddess of death. Daughter of Loki.Ruler of Hell located in Niflheim.

Forest Deep

Forest Deep