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Blue ring octopus

Of mushrooms and women it is said, the most beautiful are the most dangerous. That saying might as well go with octopuses, as blue ringed octopuses are among the most beautiful and colourful octopus species.

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Interesting Facts about Octopuses

Blue Ring Octopus - so beautiful yet has venom to kill 26 men and is only the size of a golfball.

Blog post from Science Stuff: "Beware the Blue-Ringed Octopus!"  This little beauty is one of the most venomous creatures on Earth.  Read on for some great facts to share with your science students.

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Australian venom website, featuring the blue ringed octopus, snakes and spiders

Australian Venom Research Unit : School of Biomedical Sciences

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Honorable Mention, Compact Macro Will Clark Blue-ringed octopus at night Canon PowerShot Having flooded my DSLR halfway through my recent trip to