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Una historia de amor

Waves, vans and you.

#Starbae #TeamAlisha #team lida

#Starbae #TeamAlisha #team lida

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We would go eat ice cream at Bidinger's.

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[[ sο hοω αβουτ ωε βεςοmε mοηsτεrs τοgετhεr | αηδ τυrη τhιs ωοrlδ υρ-sιδε δοωη? ]]

All about light & sparkle.

Do you guys have any Netflix movie/t.v show suggestions? Nothing like creepy or scary or sad. I love shows like Once Upon a Time, Switched At Birth and The Fosters. Maybe even some comedy shows/movies? Please comment I don't know what to watch lol xD

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You walking through the soft grass of the field! Probably admiring our horse friends ;p

There's nothing nicer than the feeling of soft grass on bare feet. Make an intentional effort to regularly connect with the earth by walking barefoot.

⋆❈ - @DannieC123 - ❈⋆

⋆❈ - @DannieC123 - ❈⋆

i won't be as active for a bit because of traveling so bye for a few days guiiisss.

Women's Fashion Clothing Online

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Beachy waves and black bikini