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Posts about endangered birds in canada written by birdscalgary

Bird of Paradise

Courtship pose of the Raggiana Bird-of-Paradise (Paradisaea raggiana). He accents his long red flank plumes. This breed is found in southern and northeastern New Guinea. (photo by Tim Laman)

Goldfinch: Photo by Photographer Sandor Bernath

This goldfinch must be from another country. NoDak only has the yellow goldfinch which people call a canary -drives me nuts when they do that. These goldfinches are regular winter visitors in my south east england garden.

Baby bird of the Caribbean flamingo. A warm and fuzzy baby bird of the Caribbean flamingo near to the parent.


To Aztecs Mayans: "god of the air." Feathers used by Mayans as money. Now the National Bird of Guatemala, who's currency is still called the "quetzal.


The colorful silver-eared mesia is our Rangers’ choice Spotting of the Week! Silver-eared mesia (Leiothrix argentauris) spotted by DrNamgyalT.Sherpa via Project Noah FB

I don't know what this bird is, but he/she's spectacular!

llbwwb: “Grey Crowned Crane (Balearica regulorum) (by Steve Liptrot Photography) ”