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6 Sketches With Strong Meaning of the Actual Society.

6 Sketches With Strong Meaning of the Actual Society.

6 Sketches With Strong Meaning of the Actual Society. Draw school art deep meaning send sending a message today's society poor not good bad will end up terrible bad conditions

Geometric Art

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School of Visual Arts students’ poster creations for their “Opposites” design assignment.


Exhibition: Jean Jullien gives us a saucy look at seaside antics in his new show La Plage

As colagens maravilhosamente estranhas da artista califórniana Eugenia Loli.

eugenia loli (The Jealous Curator)

The wonderfully weird collages of California based artist Eugenia Loli. I really enjoy how the artist combined and altered the images to fit his appeal.


This is an example of surrealism because the tree is acting as if it were the pencil that is drawing the leaf.

This is an example of Juvanlian Satire; everyone wants the free internet, but no one wants to learn about God. Being a Catholic, I enjoy learning more about God than playing iPhone games. The values of this Satire is that free wifi is coveted in society. I was upset by how true this image is because technology is taking over. The goal is to show how the world is turning their backs away from God in return for the worship of the iPhone .

-ok I would go to the free wifi because I'm not Christian. Not everybody is, there are different religions and this person( please don't take offense) thinks that everyone is Christian? Please do your research before posting.

Confuse the Spirit series by Abbey Watkins

Illustrations: Confuse the Spirit (Final Degree Work) by Abbey Watkins - The illustrations were inspired by the myths and legends of Native American culture; confusing the bad spirits by not being able to pin point the body to infiltrate the mind.