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This is myself these days.

OMG, I’m rich! Silver in the Hair Gold in the Teeth Crystals in the Kidneys Sugar in the Blood Lead in the Ass Iron in the Arteries and An inexhaustible supply of Natural Gas. I never thought I’d accumulate such wealth!

I just died! My dad would love this!

Wipe your mouth, there's still a tiny bit of bullshit around your lips.

now where is that gift receipt?

Mondays often seem mundane. We've had the week-end to ignore our routine tasks and perhaps engage in some fun activities. But now it's Monday. Maybe mundane days, though, are just what we need

Just the other...NEVER!

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C'est le moment de m'entrainer à mon sport d'hiver favori, l'hibernation extrême.

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Maxine: Time to start training for my favorite winter sport… extreme hibernating.


MAXINE'S Advice ~ If you need a shoulder to cry on.pull off to the side of the road.

Y'a des gens qui peuvent avoir toutes les lumières allumées et qui continuent pourtant à être dans le noir !

Maxine quote, "Some people can have all the lights on and still be in the dark.