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Cartel en pictorgramas

Viktor Hertz is a Swedish designer who made these pictogram movie posters. He's taken an idea from the film and made minimalistic pictogram movie posters out of

30 affiches de films célèbres imaginées par des graphistes - Inspiration graphique #17 | BlogDuWebdesign

30 affiches de films célèbres imaginées par des graphistes - Inspiration graphique #17

Wall-E Movie Poster, via Minimalist Movie Posters. He's a cassette player, and she is a iPod!


Cars And Films is a little project by freelance graphic designer Jesús Prudencio. Check out 10 Most Famous Cars From Iconic Movies By Jesús Prudencio.

Some like it minimalistic...

Nadia: This film poster created by a man named Joseph Ling shows the famous beauty mark of Marilyn Monroe. The beauty mark, along with her bold, pink lips, shows the constrained view of what Marilyn Monroe looks like.

Hyun-This is a poster design for snow white. This poster used figure and ground by using two different faces and that create an apple core which is mostly well know piece in the story and the designer smartly made a heart shape for the apple seed. There are four images in this poster which tells everything about the story. And the dark red spot colour gives a bit more attention and makes it easier to see those figure and ground images.

OPTICAL ILLUSION MOVIE POSTERS England-based graphic designer Rowan Stocks Moore has created a series of clever Disney posters. Many of the designs use optical illusions so that multiple images are shown and some are hidden.

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The 30 coolest alternative movie posters ever

reservoir dogs: Part of Ibraheem Youssef’s Quentin Tarantino Graphic movie poster series.