Chatsworth House -- Deborah's home (now as dowager) -- if i remember that's the correct term when her son and his wife become duke and duchess (of Devonshire in this case).

Cotswold Thatched Cottage Photograph by Brian Jannsen

Thatched roof cottage in Chipping-Campden, Gloucestershire, England. © Brian Jannsen Photography The home I was raised, Enstone England had a beautiful Thatched roof as this, but was over 300 years old at the time.

Serene garden with waterfront gazebo. -Garden Gazebo Ideas-

Garden Gazebo Ideas to Embellish Your Lovely Garden

Longwood Gardens, PA --This garden folly has the affect of giving people a quiet place to sit and enjoy the view.

I saved this one simply because that lawn is amazing! I'd love to know to know their care regimen, where it is located (climate, underlying soil, etc.) and the type of grass / sod used.

Sunken stone path - lovely effect from a distance. Wonder if lawn would get worn away in between. Would be nice leading up the hill to my garden spot.

worldbeautyy:    Gresgarth Hall  World Beauty

England Travel Inspiration - Gresgarth Hall – the loveliest garden I have ever seen- very beautiful