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Las 5 mejores historias de Wolverine

Las 5 mejores historias de Wolverine

Days, weeks and months passed. Balin has set up his seat in the Chamber of Mazarbul, and ruled Moria as his kingdom. After clearing the halls and setting a watch to the Great Gate, dwarves started .

~ Unique Illustrations by The Doodle-meister

latanieredecyberwolf: Superhero Smackdown: Wolverine by JP Valderrama - (The Fresh Doodle) DEVIANT ART

A symbiote is any living creature that coexists with another, usually proving a benefit of some sort. It gives it's host the ultimate power, but at a cost.

14034978_10157310921565243_5991145462728149796_n.jpg (623×960)

14034978_10157310921565243_5991145462728149796_n.jpg (623×960)

Wolverine by Rafa Garres

fuckyeah-comics: “ Stephen Segovia ” this is Rafael “Rafa” Garres’s variant for Wolverine, Vol.

At First It Looks Like He's Just Scribbling On A Page. But Take A Step Back And... WOW. 1 - https://www.facebook.com/diplyofficial

X-men - Wolverine - Hugh Jackman. Scribble Drawing Portraits Super Heroes and More. See more art and information about Vince Low, Press the Image.

Ghost Rider:

Ghost Rider is the name of several fictional supernatural antiheroes published by Marvel Comics. The name was previously used for a Western character whose

original pages showcasing Barry Windsor-Smith at his best.  1: From Marvel Comics Presents #78 (Marvel, 1991)

original pages showcasing Barry Windsor-Smith at his best. From Marvel Comics Presents (Marvel,

Poder e força.

But shouldn't the x-ray be able to see through the adamantium? I mean, he does have bone claws under there. Either way: it looks awesome!<--- um his bones were bonded with adamantium (not under it) and you can see metal in an ex ray.

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Artist Dexter Soy has created some really cool comic character and fan art, and here& a few incredibly cool Wolverine illustrations that he has created.