Ravelry: SewQuiltMoxie's QuiltMoxie extreme Albers

Scrap quilt meets sock yarn blanket and you get modular socks. The pattern is Albers from Op-Art Socks by Stephanie Van Der Linden.

Sock Workshop... free pattern & 7 lessons which lead you through the pattern in small steps

Sock Workshop

Note to Myself: The pattern is saved on Purple Skies: Knitting>socks>adult>Adult textr pattrn sock

Ravelry: Bluemchen - Flowers pattern by Beate Zäch

Bluemchen - Flowers pattern by Beate Zäch

Ravelry: bluemchen - flowers pattern by Beate Zäch, sock pattern given in

Conina Socks

Conina Socks pattern by Rachel Coopey