Street Art by Alice Pasquini in Salerno, Italy

Finished work by Alice Pasquini in Salerno for Fondazione Alfonso Gatto. Inspired by the poetry of century author Alfonso Gatto, who was born i .

рисунок на стене дома

Street Art by Rogue-one in Glasgow, Scotland. Rogue-one (on his FB page): "can’t believe i painted a wall to look like a brick wall just because i wanted a brick wall”

心情不好嗎?這些街頭塗鴉會讓你心情不一樣! | ㄇㄞˋ點子靈感創意誌

By American artist Karsten Mouras, who thinks you can never have too much colour in the World, this is known as the Rainbow Building.

by Klone Yourself - "Sleeping Beauty" - Haifa, Israel (downtown, near port) - September, 2014 (LP)

Street art in Haifa, Israel, by Israeli artist Klone Yourself. Photo by Klone Yourself. > "Its a sleeping beauty for the sleepy Haifa, a city with a lot of potential and many motivated people but still sleepy in its ways." Klone Yourself

uomini dipinti su una facciata...piccola disgressione

Street art Sculptures called ‘Flossis’ By German artist Rosalie, on a building in Duesseldorf, Germany

Proembrion, Tone, Sepe, Chazme, Cekas - At GALERIA URBAN FORMS in Lodz, Poland

Artists: Proembrion, Tone, Sepe, Chazme and Cekas Lodz, Poland ♥♥♥