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This is seriously awesome!!!!

Rapunzel and Eugene stuck in Arendelle :) - the thing is - I can actually imagine Eugene saying this.

This would have been a fantastic addition to the movie

Funny pictures about Kuzco meets the Disney Princesses. Oh, and cool pics about Kuzco meets the Disney Princesses. Also, Kuzco meets the Disney Princesses.


Lilo was so passionate about Pudge the fish's happiness and well being because he supposedly "controls the weather". Her parents died because of bad weather, and she never wants that to happen again to Nani or herself. And my heart just broke.

Of the Southern Isles. But then Anna doesn't know anything about Kristoff except his best friend's name is Sven. Haha one of my favorite scenes.

You and the blackboard

Just meeting him the first time she knew how to draw him perfectly<~~ Can we appreciate the older guy for just a minute! Lol I loved him!

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Green light = bad news

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hmm green is my favorite color!Every Villain Is Lime. Even the new Maleficent movie. When she does something evil, it's green fog. When it's good it's gold

Im pinning it in every board p.s i dont have a disney one

They got the dishonor statements wrong! Its dishonor on you dishonor on your cow dishonor on your whole family!<<< I KNOW it should be dishonor on them.>>> if I had a cow I'd definitely not dishonour it!

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Seriously Melody, you are not as rebellious as your Mama was. She freaking snuck out to go to an underground club that was ILLEGAL in Atlantica as well as sold her soul to a satanic octopus witch in order to seduce a man she had never even met.


Merida Jack Frost Hiccup Horrendous Rapunzel singing number put that dragon where you found it or so help me

This is so messed up

I think Jasmine, Mulan, Snowwhite, Aurora and Cinderella are okay. But Ariel? Blue Dress and Red Hair? And Belle?

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