Gingerbread house

This "Enchanted Victorian Chalet" was one of several gingerbread structures up for auction at the Gingerbread City Gala, The Grand Del Mar

Worth Pinning 2014: Stone Gingerbread House

Believe it or not, with the help of Chateau Mold, sanding sugar and royal icing, these stone-like details aren't too hard to replicate — and they'll set your gingerbread house apart from all the rest this year. See more at Worth Pinning

This Snowy Gingerbread Chapel | Community Post: 25 Amazing Gingerbread Houses

This Snowy Gingerbread Chapel

The creator of this country church carefully cut each piece of white fondant siding with a sharp blade, gluing it to the gingerbread structure with icing, and added texture to the royal-icing evergreens using a star-tipped pastry bag.