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Doríforo: Autor: Policleto. En esta misma época Policleto escribe su tratado sobre las proporciones del cuerpo humano y plasma sus teorías en el Doríforo, que representa a un hombre portando una lanza y mostrando el profundo conocimiento que Policleto atesora sobre la anatomía humana. La perfección alcanzada es tal, que hasta podemos notar por la expresión del rostro cómo respira el Doríforo.

Polykleitos' Doryphoros (Spear-Bearer), an early example of classical contrapposto.

Poseidon (by Anders Petersen)

It's interesting that the symbols of Shiva and of Poseidon are exactly those that are given to the Devil in Christian mythology - the bull's foot and the tridents (J., An Open Life) [Poseidon (by Anders Petersen)]

Efectos a corto plazo de una técnica de músculo energía sobre el dolor en individuos con dolor lumbopélvico inespecífico

"Discobolus" by the ancient Greek sculptor Myron was the most famous masterpiece of the classical period. The original statue is made of bronze and is stored in the National Roman Museum.

La Victoria de Samotracia, diosa alada del Louvre. Icono de la Grecia clásica

La Victoria de Samotracia, diosa alada del Louvre. Icono de la Grecia clásica

Un flujo de Fotones : Photo

fragileblackgirl: circuitfry: functional jet-propulsion swimming robot legs aqua-cyborg *deep inhale* I’m just thinking about the leaps and bounds this could mean for disabled folks.

On the face of the Christ are absents signs of the Passion” (Pieta by Michelangelo). Description from ladyrose16.blogspot.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

La Piedad de Miguel Ángel

A diary of thoughts about sculpture, visual art, music, current, rural and personal affairs.

johnnybravo20:  Achilles

blu-elettrico: ““ Statue of Achilleús Thnēskōn (Achilles Dying) The gardens of the Achilleion, Corfu, Greece ” ”

The Almost Complete Greek God Family Tree - Aphrodite is hilarious! How they tied her in!

The Almost Complete Greek God Family Tree

The Greek god family tree. (Not pictured: literally thousands of minor gods, demigods, and folks of a mythological persuasion.


Athena- Greek Goddess of Intelligence and Skill, Warfare, Battle Strategy, Handicrafts, and Wisdom. Sword and Sheild

Neptune statue at Trevi - Rome

Neptune statue at Trevi - Rome-Stone Carved Marble Sculpture Statue - We are manufacturer, exporters and suppliers.