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Coal stoves,base burners,Stoves From Museum Quality, Restoring America,

Antique wood cook stove. Beautiful! eBay item number:  181283189236

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Cast iron baking recipes!I Love all the different forms!!!!

Cast iron collector Jim Nance sells cast-iron skillets, Dutch ovens, muffin pans, waffle irons and brownie pans, at an antique show at Scott.

Old iron.

Rusty Iron Ranch Antique Stoves: Antique stove - I can imagine my grandmother learning to cook on something like this.

Wooden House in Smolnik, Bieszczady / Poland

I've seen plans for building your own outdoor kitchen stove/oven area. maybe it would work inside in a cob house too?

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Antique cast iron stove used to sit out on the back porch, for canning in the summer & when hogs were butchered in the fall.

Pioneer Princess w/ Side Reservoir - $2,600; Pioneer Princess w/ Rear Reservoir - $2,725; Warming Oven for Princess - $265; $2695.00 - $2995.00 @

The wood cooking stove could be the difference between surviving and thriving when off-the-grid. There are many benefits to a wood stove, here are but a few.