Anne Hathaway in 'Interstellar' (2014)

16 WTF Heroes Who Went To Space Before A Woman

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar is ever so gradually pulling back the curtain.

Gargantua - Interstellar

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Astronaut Anna Fisher: First mother in space. She was a mission specialist on NASA STS-51A launched November 8, 1984.

Astronomy - Astronauts: Anna Lee Fisher (née Tingle) (born August is an American chemist, emergency physician, and a NASA astronaut.

Why scientists are in a love-hate relationship with 'Interstellar' [Space Future:]

Why scientists are in a love-hate relationship with 'Interstellar'

Christopher Nolan's much-anticipated new film Interstellar failed to win the box office in its opening weekend. The Matthew McConaughey flick grossed.

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I found this picture by Art Kane a while ago and became obsessed. It is one of the few pictures I can look at over and over. Also my preference for photos of women in space helmets was born.


Welcome to the space program. Space chimp by Maarten Verhoeven. Lil Buddy from cloud 3 space program.