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Rob Gonsalves y Jim Warren - ¡Surrealistas geniales! - Taringa!

Rob Gonsalves y Jim Warren - ¡Surrealistas geniales!

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The blowing wind and sea sand... stimulate the touch sensors  The sound of the sea, waves and people... stimulate the hearing sensors  The smells of the sea, suntan lotion, kelp... stimulate the smell sensors  Put this all together for a sensory root (the super-sensitive souls in our lives)...  The result... sensory overload, crying, whining, tantrums... you know

Think on These Things Morning

leuk met blaadjes

leuk met blaadjes

Art and Food to be Thankful For | Food Art | UncommonGoods

Food Art to be Thankful For -

Van Gogh by Ju Duoqi, the Queen of Vegetable Art. Using vegetables of all shapes and sizes, Chinese artist Ju Duoqi recreates famous masterpieces, like The Last Supper and Mona Lisa.

Purple and pink peace 270916

Purple and pink peace 270916

artic monkeys are everything!

“I declare open the Games of London, celebrating the Olympiad of the modern era.” If you watched the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic London Games you probably heard Queen Elizabeth utter …

any guesses how these pop tabs are held together? I don't see it.- I would guess  use a balloon, glue them on,  use epoxy, remove balloon...

Pull Tab Pendant Art - Mauricio Affonso Desgins New Lamp Made from Old Soda Can Tabs

Pinterest: Retail therapy for the broke. | Cry For Help Ecard | someecards.com

The broke and needy lmao


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Eye contact  If you need your child’s attention, look him/her in the eyes and give the necessary instruction when you are sure you have his/her attention. You will be far more successful in getting the outcome you want.  Ask them to repear the instructions to ensure they have listened to you.  Move  Movement is one of

Tips for improving your child’s concentration - Sensory Intelligence

Sandía tallada

more food art. The creativity is awesome, the carving is great! Want to see more fun food art? Go see the other posts.

Усатый ланч

Усатый ланч

Life size chocolate sculpture by Jean Phillippe at Bellagio

120 Pounds of Chocolate. Life size chocolate sculpture by Jean Phillippe at Bellagio