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Yandere Simulator Pacifist Ending: Asu:Is a hairpin,for your Friday love confession Hanako:Ayano Senpai!This is my brother's favorite book! Oka:hehe I think he will certainly accept. Osoro:I will kill .

Yan Sim club leaders in a nutshell by Bleached-Potato

headcanon: the club presidents hang out a lot and they probably play games to settle disputes (and LMCP usually beats Gaming Club President which he is . Yan Sim club leaders in a nutshell

Yesterday i drawing OsoroAyano everyone has said that budo will be jealous 这时候问题来了,鸠占鹊巢英文怎&#...

Budo classmates always want to steal his girl[no] Riku and Senpai is also Budo's classmate 

Really no one has ever found that Ayano never called Nemesis's name?

My OC —————————————————— art by May-Shad art by art by

Yandere Simulator #3 by Reikiwie.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

You know what I love as much as Ayando ? The Yandere!Budo and Yandere!Senpai/Taro The ultimate I can love