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Juice , Friday movies, Baby Boy, and Boyz N The Hood are still some of my favorites💯

I'm the short and funny mf. Nahjae's the mean and funny mf.s the chill and laid back mf.

Always said that one day we will be having wheelchair races up and down the halls of our old age home. Haha

We'll be the old ladies causing trouble in the nursing homes. (My Grandma and her friend Ms.

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~It's hilarious gown folks think this particular stimulus and response is an implicitly modern thing.

just bestfriends in general but tRUE

I feel weird pinning these, like it makes it like you're the token guy friend like in a tv show, but obviously you're so much more then that. You're literally my best friend. It's not a title it's a promise, anyways tangent over.