I scrolled past the text version of this a few times, but with the illustrations it's more than worth the pin :)

i love this picture, literally made my heart warm and fuzzy I'm so glad that Dan and Phil exist💗

*looks at all of them* oh look... *cant decide* hm *posts it alone for every YouTuber* mk

Pewdiepie Danisnotonfire Amazing Phil Tyler Oakley Shane Dawson Anthony Padilla but where's markimoo?

One of my favorite parts in Connor's recent videos!

The Meme Princess that is Dan Howell <<< Well my friends call me the meme queen so does that mean Danyul is my son?

Dan and I are very alike

(gif) or the human embodiment of Winnie the Pooh [danisnotonfire]

Kickthepj. One of my favorites.

Kickthepj- you know what I will because every single normal person I meet is boring