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Incorrect Star Wars quote wannaacupoftea: “ Obi Wan: You were the chosen one! Anakin: … Obi Wan: You were to bring balance to my life, not leave it into.

I'm not sure what is happening...but then neither does Obi Wan. :3

I'm not sure what is happening.but then neither does Obi Wan. but all i know is anikin is pleased.

Mysterious as the dark side of the force - Alternative Disney #Mulan

freakxwannaxbe: That scene in Mulan where all the ancestors are arguing about whose fault it was that Mulan ran off to join the army except with all the Force ghosts arguing about Ben Solo. This is the greatest thing I have ever drawn<<<<

exewing: “im here to deliver ”

Poor Obi-Wan has to play babysitter.

There was that post on the Anidala tag on how Obi-Wan becomes the Skywalker’s pet and now I cannot unsee it /is kicked out of the fandom for good