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Morgana Pendragon (Actress / Katie McGrath) (TV Series / Merlin) Long live the queen of Camelot :D

I think Morgana would have been a great queen if she had never become evil. but by becoming evil she became a really great character!

morgana! I'm merlin trash lol but the description says I'm a coward who has no friends gee buzfeed is straight up

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Femme brune

✯ "Warrior" Morgana Pendragon - BBC - Merlin ✯ Because she is fierce and brave.

"Evil" Morgana

Cosplay: Morgana Pendragon (BBC One’s Merlin)

Morgause. I would have loved to see another sorcerer be a good guy (other than Merlin), but we never got that. They were all either straight evil or traitors to some degree.

heroineimages: “fuckyeahwomeninarmor: “Morgause (BBC Merlin) ” Fantasy artists take note: This is a relatively light chain mail, and yet in no way do her boobs protrude, nor does it accentuate her.