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Merlin season 1. Merlin's loyalty to Arthur

Merlin season Merlin's loyalty to Arthur- This is the episode that Arthur sees his mom for the first time and he gets angry at Uther. And almost killed him.

The beginning of a cute friendship.

Why sleep when you can meme?

"What is the job, exactly." "To kill Arthur." "Driving you mad,is he?" "Not for much longer."  :D

Day Favorite Funny Scene: Sir Leon helping Merlin pick out a crossbow to use to kill Arthur.I find this completely hilarious because Leon does not take Merlin seriously at all.

Merlin and Freya. Merlin Season 2

Merlin season 2 episode Just watched this episode, it was very emotional!

Merlin. Merlin Season 5

You've failed to notice them, that's all." -BBC Merlin <<< You would think he would have looked harder for Merlin's talents after that!

Everyone gets more serious...

Merlin changed SO MUCH! But Morgana didn't really physically change, she just became more bitter and full of hatred. (Morgana's progression was because she was betrayed)

'Merlin' costume designer gives us an EXCLUSIVE look at season 5 -- including the round table!

'Merlin': See the costumes of Series 5 -- EXCLUSIVE

Supernatural 5x04 "The End" and its perfection to Merlin series 5. (right in the feels) <---NOOO NOO NOO JUST NO

I miss Merlin :( Supernatural Quote with Merlin while really cool I'm kind of seriously hyperventilating right now,<-- read this thinking. that's a Lucifer quote

In a land of myth and a time of magic the destiny of a great kingdom rest on the shoulderds of a young boy/ man his name merlin

Series 5

The Adventures of Merlin, a BBC created show now going into season I love the interaction between Arthur and Merlin!