Books. Wow

The Magic of Books…notice that these are all tv shows or movies, I kinda find it ironic and funny

I'm pretty sure I annoy people when we go to see movies....>>>> I was doing this when I went to go see The 5th Wave... And Sea of Monsters... And Divergent...

This is totally me! You should have seen me watching the first hunger games movie! I was like wow, did these people even read the book!

My mom is used to it by now- "Did another book character die sweetie?"

This is so true. Here's a few examples: TFIOS, The Hunger Games series, Divergent series, Harry Potter (spec. Books and sooo many more!

Can you say Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson? (Great book[s]. Some of my favorites. And ZERO fandom.)

So sad, but so true! "When you read a book with no fandom: Well I guess it's just me and my feelings"

Because of Reading

Because of Reading---Hunger Games, Divergent, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings (I'm not sure about the last one)

The Darkest Minds, Mockingjay, Allegiant, The Fall of Five, the list goes on... (Get Him To Chase You Truths)

Mockingjay, Allegiant, Heartless, the death cure, the list goes on and on