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Tarantella Song by Rhodrigo Maia is up for scoring on Threadless! Don’t forget to enter to win your favorite design submissions if they get printed!

The Vinyl Room, courtesy of Jerry Raskin's Needle Doctor

My dream record shelf! The combo of the directions of vinyls are what I want! I would want a rolling bar chair or a rolling library ladder.

Vinyl Love

Vinyl Love

Vinyl is Killing the MP3 Industry. Oh, ya!

I wish this was true, but the resurgence of interest in vinyl is a niche market that's barely enough to keep the vinyl record industry alive.

Jensen needle, 1954.

Don't gouge that groove! Worn needles are chisels! Stop ruining your records!

American illustrator, designer and author Lou Brooks creates retro comic art that touches upon today's relevant topics. His polished pop art has been featu

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