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Mariscal de Campo Erich von Manstein

Mariscal de Campo Erich von Manstein

Erotisme à l'Ancienne

Scene from a German movie, showing Nazi-era female military volunteers on parade standing rigidly to attention.

Girl from Russia. Reich Minister of culture. There are just an aesthetics of the Third Reich and b&w photos and nothing else. No propaganda.

Artworks by Ludwig Hohlwein « "Neues Europa"

Artworks by Ludwig Hohlwein

Waffen SS Panzer officer Michael Wittmann, German Tiger tank Ace of the war. A "Stud" in the German Tank Forces.

Ilse Hirsch - of the BDM, 1933. Born in the industrial town of Hamm in 1922 & joined the BDM at age sixteen. She soon became one of its main organizers in Monschau &  trained at Hülchrath Castle for her part in 'Operation Carnival', the assassination of the American appointed Burgermeister of Aachen, the first German city to fall to the Allies. Dropped by parachute near the outskirts, the five man and one woman team made their way into the city guided by Hirsch who knew the area well.

The League of German Girls (Bund Deutscher Maedel) or League of German Maidens, was the girl's wing of the overall Nazi party youth movement, the Hitler Youth.

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Italian SS Legion Recruiting poster, Gino Baccasile: Soldier wearing an Italian Camo Smock and helmet cover with skull attached. The Legionere is armed with a German and adagger in hand. He implores you to join him.

Of COURSE: Himmler standing BEHIND Hitler. The fucking coward was such a pansy that he always stood behind SOMEONE--never had his own dick.

Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler. Himmler stands behind Hitler, Himmler was a military commander, and a leading member of the Nazi Party of Nazi Germany.

Waffen‑SS M‑35 D D Helmet Re-pinned by www.historysimulation.com

Waffen‑SS M‑35 D D Helmet Re-pinned by www.historysimulation.com

Erwin Rommel 54. (1891 – 1944) Nickname: "The Desert Fox" Death: Suicide by cyanide on 14 October 1944.

Erwin Rommel – Field marshal (German: Generalfeldmarschall) Nickname: "The Desert Fox" Death: Suicide by cyanide on 14 October

WW2 tanks

Different tanks used during by different countries, different technologies…

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Historical Facts of The Third Reich and the National Socialist Party.